Monday, January 31, 2011

Deadmau5 Head: Part 3

Eyes, ears, and more eyes!

Started off by plotting out the eyes a little more. The client decided he liked the LED of the smaller lights, but liked the size of the bigger eyes more. So I made a double-pattern. One was the cut out for the size of the smaller lights with the domes removed, and one was where the bigger eyes would sit.

You can see how the bigger eyes will look. They're just taped on here for reference for my client.

I cut out the inner eyes, practically disembowled the LED lights, and set them in by reversing the screws. I will do more screws when everything's set to go on permenantly - I discovered the toggle switch can be moved, so I moved it to a better location for the client to click the lights on, but unfortunately I need to figure out a better way to set the switch so the eyes won't break at some point. That's in the works.

How the eyes look with the LEDs on and the bigger lights over them. They are VERY bright and easily light up the whole room with the lights dimmed or off.

This is the cardboard backed ear - but I'm not particularly happy with the cardboard, so I am going to try a different method involving very long screws. I'll be picking those up today from Lowes. Once I have the holes set for the ears, I need to get the 1/4 inch thick lip on the inside of the head, then start attaching all the fabric! After the fabric, it will be the mesh that covers the mouth, finalize the position of the helmet inside, and this project will be ready to ship off to the client!

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