Friday, August 31, 2007

Gaara's Gourd: First Attempt - Part 1

Thus begins another prop I have never made before. I didn't want to do paper mache, but I knew about resin... so I honestly just started off without much idea what I was doing.

These are the two balls I decided to use to make the gourd from. They're large playground balls, and below is a height comparison.

Amazing, huh? I used Crayola Model Magic as it was fairly light. Not cheap though at 20 dollars a box for it. After the first round, and purchasing one very, very large and real cork from a specialty dealer, I have the top of the gourd.

I peeled off the top once it was dry and popped the ball inside, leaving only a hollow shell.

What was left is what you see - a hollow bubble with the top seperate. When the top dries, and no longer is in danger of falling inwards, I'll make it one piece. I will carefully use resin on the inside of the ball, then I am going to fibercloth resin the whole outside so it is one solid piece.