Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gaara's Gourd: First Attempt - Part 4

With it spray painted, I started on the MWM symbols.

I quickly learned something - should have done the yellow first.

And here it is, completed and in use.

It was quite a task. It has some major problems - it's too heavy to wear on my back. Next time, I'm not going to use any clay in it. Also, probably because of the clay, it didn't come out as smooth as I'd like. Otherwise, it looks beautiful and I'm pleased with that. There will be a next time, someday!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gaara's Gourd: First Attempt - Part 3

After many tears and blood and sweat, the gourd is whole and hollow. It's a little weightier than I had expected which has been deeply concerned.

The fiberglass cloth gets laid on the surface, sewn and sticky-tacked down.

Many, many hours later and discovering its the worst smell ever, the gourd is completely covered in resin. It's as solid as plastic and everything I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, it's much heavier than I would have expected.

I found an amazing spray paint that gives a sand-like texture in the perfect color. This is the result. You can see a close up of the texture...

Completely random, but this was waiting for me just outside the front door when I went to spray paint.